Thursday, May 14, 2009

Poetry Friday: Sleep, Baby, Sleep

I love the image of the dreamland tree, don't you? Off to get my sketchbook! ~Lorie Ann

Sleep, Baby, Sleep

Sleep, baby, sleep,
Thy papa guards the sheep;
Thy mama shakes the dreamland tree
And from it fall sweet dreams for thee,
Sleep, baby, sleep,

Sleep, baby, sleep,
Our cottage vale is deep;
The little lamb is on the green,
With woolly fleece so soft and clean,
Sleep, baby, sleep,

Sleep, baby, sleep,
Down where the woodbines creep;
Be always like the lamb so mild,
A kind and sweet and gentle child,
Sleep, baby, sleep.

Catch the full roundup with Kelly Polark at Kelly Polark.


Kelly said...

Very sweet. I miss those baby days!

Joan Holub said...

Awwww. Adorable.

Matt said...

That was really cool. Who wrote it, it's hard to tell.

John said...

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Thanks for sharing.