Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Shhh! this Book is Sleeping: Cedric Ramadier

Welcome, 2016! With the new year, we wish you and yours great sleep. Hopefully your readertotz are quiet through the night. This board book may be a help, at least getting everyone settled down.

Shhh! this Book is Sleeping begins with a little pink mouse encouraging the reader to be quiet. The book in hand is sleepy. It has completed all night duties, such as brushing its teeth. Warm enough, with a hug and kiss, the reader closes the last page very gently, as the book has fallen fast asleep.

Author Cedric Ramadier helps create the bedtime ritual by repeating the necessary activities and showcasing the pleasures of quieting down. Vincent Bourgeau's graphic images, with only a few shapes and lines, convey sweet simplicity as the book falls asleep.

Your totz will enjoy putting this book to sleep, before they nod off themselves. Shhh.

Shhh! this Book is Sleeping
by Cedric Ramadier
illustrated by Vincent Bourgeau
Random House, 2016

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