Monday, May 12, 2014

Anne-Sophie Baumann: The Ultimate Book of Vehicles From Around the World

60 moveable parts! 60! This big book from Twirl had to be titled The Ultimate Book of Vehicles, right? There are flaps, tabs, pop-ups and slides, all portraying locomotion from around the world. Yep. I just checked. There are trains, too.

Didier Balicevic's illustrations provide a happy medium of detail, not too little where credibility would be lost in the discerning vehicle lover, but not too much to overwhelm the vast collection. The first pages, including a few such as Construction, Demolition, and City Maintenance, are illustrated on white backgrounds. The simplicity helps the reader to focus on the many vehicles. Midway, the Rescue page creates a scene, while latter spreads of Fishing, Sea Travel, Air Travel and Space have blue or black backgrounds which are refreshing to the eye.

There is so much to see and learn in this ultimate book. Your totz won't want to miss it! Get those engines humming.

The Ultimate Book of Vehicles From Around the World
by Anne-Sophie Baumann
illustrated by Didier Balicevic
Twirl, 2014

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