Monday, April 14, 2014

Leslie Patricelli: Toot and Tickle

I will always share Leslie Patricelli's work, because each is made of awesome! So today's featured releases are Toot and Tickle.

How can you not laugh reading Toot? Seriously. Baby shares how he toots, where he toots, and when he toots. He reveals others in his family toot, especially the dog. My favorite is the full spread of baby in the tub, tooting bubbles. :~)

And then there's Tickle. Baby insists he's not ticklish. When the Tickle Monster catches him, Baby howls over the attack to his legs, feet, get the picture. He still announces at the end he is not ticklish, and he's off and running.

Add these to your Patricelli library. There will be giggles galore!

by Leslie Patricelli
Candlewick Press, 2014

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