Monday, March 11, 2013

Not That Tutu! Michelle Sinclair Colman

I am one who doesn't need a reason to wear a tutu. This book with a fabric tutu on the cover caught my eye immediately. 

Michelle Sinclair Colman's text shares the young, female protagonist, Taylor, who wears her tutu everywhere, despite the entire family questioning her choice. Hiroe Nakata's loose and bright illustrations keep the exchanges lighthearted and fun. 

"She wore her tutu on her sled.

"Not again," her brother teased."

Taylor shows how tutus can be worn with a swimsuit, snow pants, and cowboy boots. Of course when her tutu is in tatters, she is ready to make a great decision. It, too, surprises her family. Here's to strong-willed totz with great fashion sense!

Not That Tutu!

by Michelle Sinclair Colman
illustrated by Hiroe Nakata
Robin Corey Books, Random House

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