Monday, April 16, 2012

First Time Series: Hospital, Vet

Child's Play just gets it so right. Today I recommend their series, First Time. Included are: Doctor, Dentist, Hospital, Vet, Baby Sitter, Sleepover, Nursery, and Big Day Out.

The stiff paper books are illustrated by Jess Stockham, who has taken the care to portray these new experiences without fear. There's a real honesty in this series which will benefit your totz on multiple levels.

Following several children through each experience, a number of situations are covered to offer familiarity and comfort. In Hospital, one child is having a cast put on, while another has surgery. In Vet, children bring in their various animals. Here is an example of appropriate forthrightness when the boy brings his sick rat to the vet:

"She's quite unwell. She has a lump on her side. (child)
I'm afraid she might not live much longer." (vet)

How helpful to open discussions. Overall, the series remains positive and appealing. It will answer questions your totz may have before their first time visits.

First Time Vet
First Time Hospital
illustrated by Jess Stockham
Child's Play

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