Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jennifer Adams: Romeo & Juliet / Pride & Prejudice

Clever, attractive, and informative, these sturdy board books introduce the fundamentals of classic literature, 1-10 counting concepts, and period history. To get so much into small 22-page board books, and yet keep them uncluttered, is an amazing feat.

If you could boil down these classics to ten images (to represent each number 1-10), which would you choose? For Romeo and Juliet, one image would likely be the balcony. Here, it serves to illustrate the number 1.

From Romeo & Juliet (upper image) and from Pride & Prejudice (lower image):

The books can be read at a variety of early ages, and as totz grow they can return to them and absorb new details. Curious totz will have questions about the illustrations which may well lead into discussion points with parents. Note the careful attention to basic historical detail -- the regency clothing and objects in Pride & Prejudice; Medieval clothing and objects in Romeo & Juliet.

The art is gorgeous and these board books will stand up to many readings. (and occasional chewings) As an Austen and Shakespeare fan, I highly recommend them!

Next up from Jennifer and Alison is Jane Eyre!

Jennifer Adams works as a writer and editor in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Alison Oliver runs Sugar design studio in NYC.

Romeo & Juliet
Pride & Prejudice goodreads
Author: Jennifer Adams
Illustrator: Alison Oliver
Gibbs Smith, 2011
For more, visit Gibbs Smith: BabyLit


Jinky said...

Ha ha, I'm a bit dense when it comes to Old English/poetry so these board books are ideal for an adult like me!! :)

Joan Holub said...

Ha! You will LOVE them, Jinky, because they're a feast for the eyes. xox

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Love, love, love these, Joan and Jinky! Wow!