Monday, March 7, 2011

Counting Animals: Jodi Huelin

Are you ready for cute? I mean cute, cute, cute! Fisher Price has published Counting Animals by Jodi Huelin, illustrated by Betsy Veness. As part of their Precious Planet series, this work is recommended for ages 6 months and older. I think the age suggestion is an interesting concept, but I wouldn't let it stop me from sharing this work with younger totz.

Counting Animals does just that on each spread. Whether it be hippos, whales, or kangaroos, totz are given a flap to lift to verify they've counted the characters carefully. Verbs like walk, float, and hop are illustrated as well as locations such as plains, ice, and sand.

Jodi's text is simple and direct while Betsy's computer generated illustrations are filled with dots, stripes, and flat color spaces.

Enjoy Fisher Price books and toys. Count and lift those flaps with your totz!

Counting Animals
by Jodi Huelin
illustrations by Betsy Veness
Fisher-Price, HarperCollins Children's Books, 2010, Mattel, Inc.

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