Monday, April 12, 2010

Dot and Dash Meet Their Friends: Emma Dodd

At 9 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches, this is bigger than your average board book. It has sturdy pages, bright colors, and flaps of varying sizes and shapes to find and lift. Dot is a spotted dog and Dash is a striped cat. The other characters in this particular book in the Dot and Dash series, are cleverly named Big (an elephant), Small (a mouse), and Tall (a giraffe). It begins:

Dot and Dash are ready to play.
"Small!" they call. "Are you ready to play?"

They open a small flap, but no one's home.
On the next spread, they open a 'tall' flap and are greeted by a giraffe.

I like the fact that this book teaches size-relation concepts within a simple story. Totz will be willingly pulled through this simple mystery story, which is perfect for this age. Where, oh where, is Small?

The Dot and Dash page at Scholastic's UK site offers printable coloring pages and a list of Dot and Dash books. Watch for the release of Dot and Dash in the US in May!

Dot and Dash Meet Their Friends, May, 2010
Author-illustrator: Emma Dodd


Lorie Ann Grover said...

Adorable. And would be easy to use with a group setting like library story time or a daycare.

Emma D Dryden said...

Emma Dodd is a favorite illustrator off mine; she has a wonderful sensibility that suits the youngest reader, as well as a bright and playful palette. I have been lucky enough to work with Emma on an upcoming picture book, BIG BROTHERS DON'T TAKE NAPS, by Louise Borden, which will be out neext year.